Drinks menu

Draft beer

  • Nordlandspils, draft beer 0.4
    NOK 86
  • Frydenlund Bayer, draft beer 0.4
    NOK 90
  • 1664 Blanc, draft beer 0.4
    NOK 95
  • Ramp Pale Ale 0.4
    NOK 95
  • Poretti – 5.5%, draught beer 0.4
    NOK 98
    Italian beer is known for its high quality and as an excellent accompaniment to food. Poretti Luppoli is an exemplary lager with a generous amount of hops and an elegant body characterised by a remarkable harmony between the smell of malt and the fragrance of hops.

Bottled beer

  • Cider
    NOK 95
  • Corona 0,33
    NOK 99
  • Grolsch 0.46
    NOK 120
  • Paulaner Hefe Weissbier, light 0.5
    NOK 135


  • Brewery
    Norwegian craft beer brewery since 2005
  • Humlesus 0,5 - 4,5%
    NOK 129
    Light, refreshing and easy to drink. With a rush of tropical fruit and a touch of refreshing sharpness.
  • Fyr & flamme IPA 0,5 - 6,5%
    NOK 143
    A golden IPA with plenty of fresh and fruity hops. Well-balanced and excellent malt density.


  • White wine
    NOK 65
  • Red wine
    NOK 65
  • Erdinger
    NOK 65
  • Munkholm
    NOK 58
  • Ginger beer
    NOK 52


  • Bollinger champagne Spécial Cuvée, Fr
    NOK 1095
  • Montvillers Champagne, Fr
    NOK 175/895
  • Ayala Rosé Majeur Champagne, Fr
    NOK 946
  • Rodestiu Cava Brut, Sp
    NOK 105/520
  • Biscardo Prosecco Extra Dry, It
    NOK 120/560
  • Ayala Brut Majeur Champagne, Fr
    NOK 895


  • Estrelias – Rose Carmenere, Chi
    NOK 105/519

Dessert wine

  • Finca Antigua Moscatel,Sp
    NOK 125


  • Fonseca 10 Year Old Tawny Port, Por
    NOK 125

White wine

  • Pascal Bouchard Chablis Le Classique, Fr
    NOK 135/735
    Notes of apple, citrus, flowers, minerals and sea with a full and concentrated structure. Dry white wine which is perfect with seafood and on its own.
  • Casa da Passarella a Descoberta Branco, Por
    NOK 135/735
    A fine and full-bodied, slightly sweet wine, with hints of oak and stone dust. An excellent accompaniment for slightly spicy food.
  • Rheingau Riesling Trocken, Ger.
    NOK 125/635
    Notes of flint, wet stone and green apples. Crisp and tart with a delicate fresh fruitiness and a lightly balanced sweetness. Dry white wine which is perfect with fish and on its own
  • Biscardo – Oropasso, It
    NOK 125/635
    A rounded and fruity wine for anyone preferring less sharpness to their wine. Excellent on its own.
  • Soave Classico, It
    NOK 115/545
    Floral fragrance with a hint of peach and apple. Crisp and fresh fruitiness with a full-bodied and dry finish. Perfect with salads and pasta.
  • House white wine, Hu
    NOK 95/495
    Jon Josh Chardonnay – Tydelig preg av sitrus, litt urter og hint av steinfrukt. Lang ettersmak.

Red wine

  • Campet Ste Marie Pinot Noir, Fr
    NOK 160/790
    Fragrance of dark berries, raspberries and cherries, hints of smoke and pepper. Fruity and elegant taste, well-balanced with a very long finish. An excellent accompaniment for chicken, cod, pasta and cheese.
  • Museum Real Reserva, Sp
    NOK 145/725
    Fine, developed and fruity fragrances of herbs, dark plum and oak. Long finish. Excellent accompaniment for beef and game such as reindeer and wild boar.
  • Santi Ripasso Valpolicella ‘Solane’, It
    NOK 125/625
    One of the best sought-after Valpolicella Ripasso wines. Perfect with beef and game.
  • BIO Chianti, It
    NOK 120/595
    Sweet and ripe with a fine tartness, sits well with an integral sweetness and softness. Perfect with barbecued food.
  • El Coto Crianza, Sp
    NOK 115/545
    A quite oaky Crianza. Soft with a good body and fine tartness. Notes of coconut, dark fruit and dry wood. Excellent with barbecued food.
  • Santa Ana Malbec, Arg.
    NOK 115/545
    Creamy start with a fruity sweetness. A complex nose of cinnamon and prunes. Excellent with white meat, lamb, mutton and pork.
  • House red wine, It.
    NOK 95/495
    Rosso di Toscana – a little oak and mocha, ripe red fruit.